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Yahoo Singles just sent me an e-mail saying that they’re selling out to First off, Yahoo did not provide the best service for non-English named gents like myself. I know they’re trying to prevent spam, but do they no know that people out there don’t all have Westernized names? Either way, it again proved unfruitfal, and maybe that was the point of why I signed up. A lot of these online dating sites are full of fake profiles, looks like models or even porn stars just plastered all over the zone. As the expression goes, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Plentyoffish is no better. Every now and then I get some lady who might genuinely be interested, but they always seem to want “long-term” this and “serious” that. But when I set my profile for “intimate encounters” or “short-term relationships” it seems to turn them off. At the least, I would think I was the one being the most honest, because I couldn’t commit to a relationship right now, nor should I care too. I’ve seen what young married couples turn out like who don’t know what they want, just doing it because they have no direction. is a paid service and turns out to be using the same registration database as Plentyoffish (I think). I had to sign up under a new name at Plenty, even though I never signed up at Plenty before, after I cancelled from Match. Means the Internet dating industry is actually consolidating their databases with all the lonely and desperates online. It’s big money because of all the clicks and ads. I doubt there are any real users who aren’t in cahoots with the sites.

So Plenty also has a bunch of partner sites like AdultFriendFinder. You can try that for fun. You’ll be surprised that most of the supposed “swingers” on there are middle-aged people. They’re into the group sex stuff. Not being judgemental, but there’s a point when you go searching for intimacy, even if it’s a one night stand.

I rarely login these sites. The reality of meeting someone that is truly compatible, in the end, depends on a face-to-face meeting. You can’t expect to know what someone is really like unless you get to know them personally. An online relationship might work for some, maybe rarely, but it’s hidden behind anonymity. The thrill might be there, it’s flirty and mysterious, but don’t set your hopes high if you want the real thing.

If you want to meet real singles, you gotta do it the old fashion way: like cavemen, you go out into town and find one. When the two of you see eye to eye and things get tingly, then there might be a chance. Otherwise, trying to talk up a hot piece of ass in an internet browser in hopes of getting some action might lead you down a path of disillusionment, and that just ain’t fun. Being realistic might help too. Alright dating ads, hit me up, and pay me good.

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