World’s Largest Gummy Bear and Worm, Yikes!

Take a look at Vat19’s gigando novelty gummy bear and worm. Holy yikes!With each about USD$30 and about 5 pounds, I can’t imagine how a single person would eat one. It’s not practical, but works well as a novelty, no doubt.
The big worm on a silver platter

According to Vat19, these things have a shelf life of about a year. That’s a long time! I estimate I could eat each of those in about 3 months. That’s about the half the time it took me to eat a 10 pound box of Jelly Bellies.
The big bad bear

In one of the videos, it shows that the gummy actually expands in water. That just means consumers should limit the amount they eat per sitting if they don’t want to explode like the girl in Nightmare on Elm Street 4. Still, it’s a helluva gimmick that I might try in the future.

Here is another site who might actually be the manufacturer. You can find the giant worm there too. And… giant gummy hearts:
Flawless victory!

Flawless victory!

UPDATE Feb. 10, 2011 – I received my giant gummi bears today. I didn’t order the 5-pounder, but I ordered 3 separate half-pounders. I have yet to taste them, but I have tasted the grape. Yes, friends, it tastes like a real gummi bear. The flavor is distributed evenly across the entire form, not diluted. You can already tell when you first open the box it comes in, the scent comes through the plastic wrapping. I ordered mine from, a company in North Carolina. Man, they delivered a good product. I WILL be ordering the big boy next time.

I tasted the cherry cola and blue raspberry. So far, the cherry cola has the best flavor. Blue raspberry is kinda lacking. A good way to slice them is when they are chilled. Otherwise, it’s sticky or slippery because it has a lot of wax. You can’t help but feel like Hannibal Lecter when slicing up these gummis.

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