War of the modern fast, high tech Internet browsers

I don’t believe it. My current favorite Internet browser has been seemingly out-performed. After the crappy performance by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP, I found a highly competent replacement in Google’s Chrome. Chrome was minimalistic in graphical design, but provided superior speed and sufficient security. I could have gone with Firefox 3.x at the time, but it’s speed still wasn’t satisfactory.

However, things changed today. I upgraded IE8 to the new standards-compliant IE9 for Vista. Besides the obvious change in graphical layout, I haven’t noticed any speed improvement over Chrome.

Then, there’s the upgrade to Firefox 4. Holy. Moly. Not only was the install faster than Chrome’s cumbersome “background” updates, it loaded up incredibly fast. Plus, it seemed to load pages faster, allthewhile displaying them correctly. Chrome still seems to have a problem displaying ads and drawing images.

I haven’t throughly tested Firefox 4 yet. To me, it still seems the only reason it gets so many users is because they have the same “anti-corporate” mentality similar to the Macs vs. PC war. I don’t get a MAC because I want to rebel against PC. I’ll get a Windows machine because I believe it to be more secure, plus more accessible when it comes to looking into it’s features. I’m sure Firefox was anti-Internet Explorer when it first started, and surely that isn’t a good enough reason to use it. Undoubtedly, after all their modifications of legions of users, it’s looking to be a formidable beast. IE’s days might be numbered with these newcomers.

I’ll stick with my Google Chrome now. But if you’re curious about the new Firefox 4, download it here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new/

We want faster browsers without compromising security.

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