Random DVD screenshot of the day: Lady Terminator

First she mates, then she terminates…

Lady Terminator DVD screenshot of the day

Lady Terminator DVD screenshot of the day

Messing around with VLC rendering settings for optimal DVD video quality (horrendous playback!). Crashed my computer a several times. Never really got a definitive setting going so I just color-graded a still in Photoshop. Hey, at the least you know you can screencap DVDs with VLC. However, I do notice a big difference when watching DVDs using deinterlace off vs. deinterlace blend. Deinterlace off will show the DVD how it is really stored. Blend will make it look “normal”. But there is another deinterlace filter called Linear which also seems to produce really good results if your PC or GPU can handle it. Linear seems to draw all lines of the DVD frame, therefore you get the most image data drawn to the screen. You can mix in some sharpening or post-processing and see what happens. Just be warned that it might freeze on you, but sometimes you can almost get those DVDs looking like Blu-rays.

What does the DVD screenshot have to do with anything? Well, that’s the product of going on a tangent, a post that was supposed to be about setting VLC playback video quality, and ultimately has no connection because it was “shopped”. LOL

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