American Holiday Foods That Are Cliche

Every greedy bastard in America loves Christmas, and no doubt will be indulging in customary, yet cliche foods of the holidays. My take of the cake.

Egg Nog

Commonly drank during Christmas. I always see it in movies, but never had it myself. To look it up, the ingredients are very similar to custard, except it has alcohol in it. Now, I like custard, but why would you ruin it by putting alcohol into it? But the thing is, egg nog is just whipped together. At least custard is cooked. Will have to try it myself one of these days, just to be fair.

Cranberry sauce

Man, people can claim this is good, but I just can’t get into it. Most people are probably eating it out of the can anyway. Cranberry sauce is usually served during American Thanksgiving. It’s not particularly sweet or salted or spiced. It’s just boiled cranberries, shrug, and do you drizzle it on the turkey? On the mashed potatoes? I know gourmet chefs put it on ice cream, but traditionally, how was it suppose to be eaten? Either way, I don’t have much fondness for it. It’s tart, it’s sour, and I don’t like it on my meat unless it’s supposed to be salty.


I don’t know why fruitcake has such a bad stigma. Usually emerge from their dens during Christmas. The one time we got a fruitcake from the food bank, it was delicious and moist. It reminds me of the Chinese moon cakes. A fruitcake is kinda like a nougat, but instead of having taffy as it’s main form, it’s a heavy cake, packed with colorful fruit. Is it only bad because it’s fattening or is there another reason? I dunno, I like fatty, tasty junk food like this. Still a cliche, but I like it.

Candy canes

Candy canes are delicious, but they get annoying. Or maybe that artificial peppermint flavor gets old. Every time I see that red and white swirl, I get tired of it. Luckily, candy canes come in other flavors, too, and definitely different colors. Just don’t expect to find them commonly.


Didn’t see mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, or macaroni and cheese casserole? Well, there are cliche foods that I can’t seem to get tired of, so they’ll probably be mentioned in another post under my favorite foods during the holidays. I love holiday desserts. I love sweets in general and I have the gut to prove it.

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