Whitey to become minority by 2043

According to this unbiased and well-researched Yahoo! News article, whitey will become a minority by 2043.


The idea behind it is that white Hispanics have not been reporting themselves as “white”, therefore, only “pure” whites have been “representing.” White Hispanics are those that have genetically mixed with modern whites but are culturally Hispanic. However, since whites are still a majority, by 2043, it will still make no difference as I’m sure the “white Hispanics” will still be considered “white”. It’s logical to say this because they are the ones “carrying” the white’s genetic legacy, therefore get all the perks. A trust fund, if you will.

Whites got nothing to be afraid of. Whites will still be in control. Paranoid whites need to stop complaining. S.M.D.H.

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