Facebook will fail like social network sites before it

It’s just a matter of time. Not surprising. Not sudden. It’s the way it goes.


So, uh, yeah, I didn’t see this coming. The reason Facebook will go the way of the doodoo is because it won’t be “cool” anymore (young people don’t want to go to a hip club where their parents are grinding on each other too). Plain and simple. For most reasons young people use new technology it’s only to be exclusive. It was obvious with all the superficial “friending” in the beginning, but Zuckerberg cashed in and out of it. Funny how Yahoo! article writer is constantly slurping Facebook’s long hard success as though it was shared.

Facebook is Barbie with implants. The next Barbie will come out with a new nose job and shaved hooha. Doesn’t mean it’s not the same thing destined for the same fate.

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