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By Vanessa Bennet

Sometimes I feel like just getting away, like going on an unending vacation. It’s a way of escaping from life’s trivialities, of getting more out of our limited time, and not being locked down in some dead end job that I hate and don’t want to spend any more seconds at.

I hate getting bogged down with these thoughts, mostly because I know I really can’t do that and I have to come up with a different solution to escape life’s doldrums. Well, one thought I had was just to take pictures of myself in front of famous places around the world, using green screen technology.

If I can’t go to these places, I can at least better imagine myself there, and maybe someday I can recreate the fake photos in front of the real places. Maybe that sounds pathetic, but it helped my mood, so who are you to judge?

I got some photography backdrops and purchased some top notch photography lighting equipment because I wanted the pictures to come out really good. I downloaded a lot of images of famous landmarks to use and have been compiling the best ones. Then I take photos of myself in various poses in front of the background and am compiling the best images of those, too.

Then, after I get all of them, I’m going to start pairing them and finding the most natural looking pictures of me in front of the various landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and Fenway Park. It’s going to be really cool, and then my goal will be to actually visit all those places.

By the way, I got the equipment at, a pretty darn good store if you ask me. They had everything I needed and even more!

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