Superman and The MoleMen (1951) Review

Wow! What happened to writing like this? Heart of Superman, lost in time.

It makes me wonder what was happening in 1951. Clearly, the makeup on the molemen was referencing Asiatic people. Was the movie a statement about the Japanese after World War II? It could apply to any minority that smalltown hillbillies opposed or were afraid of. But Superman was the most clear-headed of them all. And that Luke Benson emptied his rounds on him. Tsk tsk tsk. I’m saddened that Americans haven’t learned anything from their own propaganda/teachings.

So the main topic of this movie was xenophobia and how mob mentality causes more hurt than solve any problems. But it turns out the molemen actual have human-like anatomy (we learn from the doctor after surgery when one of them gets shot by one of the rednecks). The irony is that Superman, who is from another planet, therefore NOT human, has to remind these so-called humans how to be human. Nowadays, Superman doesn’t even represent good morals anymore. Young people who see him as a father figure just want him to smite any who oppose them or “the Superman Cause”. Once that happens, Superman has officially become a cult. Is that what it has come to?

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