You Need USD$750,000 to Start a McDonald’s Restuarant

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own restaurant based on a famous franchise or brand, you need some serious start-up money.

According to this article:

Papa John's Pizza         $50,000
Wendy's                $2,000,000
Burger King              $500,000
McDonald's               $750,000
KFC                      $750,000
Taco Bell                $750,000
Pizza Hut                $350,000

Wow! Me, personally, I’m more interested in starting up a Bonjangles! fried chicken up in the north here. But this could only be found down south.

By and by, not to be too nitpicky, but being a Yahoo! financial article, it sure is full of the author’s personal opinion. Didn’t they teach these “journalists” not to inject opinion into articles that aren’t opinion-peices?

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