The Tortoise and The Hare

The Tortoise and The Hare
By Chongchen Saelee

If you’ve read or heard of Aesop’s story before, then you haven’t heard my twist on it.

The tortoise was slow by nature. He was born that way. He was wiser, but old before his time.

The hare was faster. He was more youthful, carefree, and energetic. However, he wasn’t that bright.

So along comes the infamous race for the two to show who was the best. Everyone was betting on the hare to win the race. It was inconceivable that a tortoise could outrun a hare.

So the race commences and the hare zooms ahead, throwing insults and taunts into the wind. The tortoise takes every blow, but continues at his own pace.

The hare, far ahead, with the finish line in sight, spots a tasty treat off trail. He figured he could easily take a break and enjoy the delicious meal and still have time to win. So he detours and snatches the treat which seems suspiciously set. And…


The foolish hare is ensnared in a trap. He yelps in pain. He wails until he could utter no more words. And since he took a detour, no one knew where he was.

Eventually, the tortoise crosses by the path and sees the foolish hare passed out in the trap with a tasty treat still clutched to his chest and sees clearly that it was the hare’s own foolish doing. The finish line was in sight, and he could easily cross it. However, the hare had put himself into a horrible predicament. The right thing to do was to go help.

The tortoise freed the foolish hare from his own doing. And surprisingly, the hare was quick to recover, springing up and hopping already. He didn’t say much, but nodded at the old tortoise. But feeling guilty, he thought he would give the tortoise a head start towards the finish line. The tortoise agreed and paced on.

The hare watched impatiently. His nature not changed. He wasn’t going to wait for this old fool. So he took off in a blaze.

The tortoise, well aware of the hare’s nature, was already anticipating the hare to cut him off.

So as the hare breezed passed the tortoise, the tortoise within a hair from the finish line, stopped in his tracks, and let the hare cross the finish line before him.

And naturally, the crowd cheered as their hero hare was obviously the chosen victor.

The tortoise simply moved to the side and rested.

But overhead, the crow called to the tortoise. He perched down next to the tortoise and put a wing on the tortoise’s shell.

“I saw what you did. You’re the real champion, tortoise.”

The tortoise and crow watched as the crowd carried their hero hare off into the sunset.

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