Google AdSense Revenue Optimization Techniques: My Personal Observations

By Chongchen Saelee

Howdy, loyal readers. If you’re reading this, you probably know that I utilize Google’s ad revenue referral partnership service AdSense on my websites. (Hopefully, you’re not disabling the ads so your homeboy here can generate at least some revenue to pay some maintenance fees and keep his web presence going.)

I haven’t reached the payout threshold yet, but I have noticed an increase in traffic. It’s not much, but it’s still money. Let me share with you my own observations of how to improve your revenue generation the proper way.

  1. Be Honest

    Don’t cheat Google. They have ways of tracking how you got those page views, hits, and clicks. It’s a waste of time to have your account flagged and eventually terminated. You want to earn real money, you have to do it in a fullproof way. It’d be pretty stupid to earn that money and not get paid or stop that cash flow.

  2. Be Steadfast

    Like any kind of work, you have to keep at it. You may be trying to monetize your irrelevant blog, YouTube Channel, forum, whatever, but if you aren’t creating new content and attracting views and clicks, then it’ll collect dust, and you won’t generate any revenue. Like any business, if you don’t attract customers, you’ll soon be out of business.

  3. Be Observant

    Be hip to what the majority of Internet users are browsing by visiting Google Trends or YouTube’s Popular Videos or some other popular website. Granted, most of the content is arranged by their major sponsors, but most people are sheep and will consume it anyway. You either go with the flow and create topical content, or create that extra unique content that will eventually catch on because its so vital to society. Because even troll content can be lucrative. But only good troll content.

  4. Be Creative

    Now if you want to talk about trolls, I’ll admit I’m the biggest one. But again, if your troll content sucks, no one will watch it and it won’t even live up to “troll worthiness”. Either do what everyone is doing or come up with something very unique. Believe it or not, trolling requires some skill. Not all comedians (or people who think they are comedians) are actually good. That’s why there are so many of them (and ironically, they are all getting paid) but you want to be the guy at the top and that requires skill.

  5. Earn it

    Again, it’s not free money. You’re working for Google. Therefore, you want to create web traffic and content that makes Google money and in return makes you money. They control the servers and web technologies. You want to utilize it and market it. YouTube is a good start. Make people want to watch your videos, which uses Google’s servers and software. And they pay you. It’s work. Treat it as such and you might make Google a happy employer. And happy employers usually have happy employees.

That’s it. In summary, you have to work for what you get paid for. Google can sniff you out if you’re a cheat. So don’t think you can TOR your IP and blast your pages for views. They’ll disable your AdSense account so fast and that’s that. Work by creating appealing content, have a loyal fan base, and make each page view count.

Hope that helps. Go out there and make money. (Oh, make me money, too) 😉

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