Role Models for Male Youth by Class

By Chongchen Saelee

The first key to writing good satire is having a keen eye in observing the world around you. I, being an American, and bombarded with American bullshit propaganda, am confident I know exactly how the steaming pile of shit is served on a gold platter. So here’s my observations of who young males aspire to become like, by class nonetheless:

POOR – What poor young men think being rich and classy is like
American Hip Hop Artist Jay Z

MIDDLE CLASS – Living in ideal state of being, not too poverty stricken and not too wealthy, but always dreaming of a little danger and some validation as heroes who rescue America
Batman (played by Christian Bale)

WEALTHY – So rich, can literally get and do whatever they want, no disillusions about perpetuating their lifestyle
US Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

So are my perceptions correct? Are my perceptions of you correct? When I tell my style of humor, if it goes over your head, it’s possible because we’re not in the same class. Same for when people out of my class tell their own insider jokes. Now, being able to detect that kind of gap is the first key to doing good satire. Because satire makes that gap smaller. Understand?

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