Don’t Let Anyone Stop You From Persuing Your Dreams

By Chongchen Saelee

As cliched as it has become, you only live one life. Forget God. Forget luck. Forget reincarnation. There is no such thing. You only live one life and then you die. That’s it. So in that time, you’d better have figured that out and make the most of it. And if you’re lucky enough to live in an environment that allows you to be happy, then by God, how ironic, you better be happy.

And usually it’s very trifling things that make some people happy. If you can’t say this. If you can print that. If you can’t make a stupid YouTube video, then damn, you have nothing to give you a shining beacon of hope. That’s some deep dark shit of a hellhole you must live in. And people want to keep you there because they don’t know how to get out themselves.

I’ll use Asian Americans as an example. It must seem to them that I’m some kind of anomaly. A first in American history to fully embrace my “Americaness” but at the same time still feel incredibly alienated because I’m not “whitebread”. I am for the most part incredibly “Asian” because I don’t speak perfect English and I don’t eat McDonald’s or ham and cheese sandwiches everyday. Most of the backlash and sabotage by Asian Americans is because they are afraid that Whitey won’t favor them over me. And to those losers, I ask, what makes you better than me as an Asian American? Do you suck Whitey’s dick harder?

And I use this simple hyperbole everytime I want to make a point about how shitty life can be. I use the soda metaphor. The soda represents your macguffin in life, it’s the object of what makes you happy. Granted, you can’t have been born into it. Your access to soda needs to have been earned. So that’s important.

Okay, so the soda metaphor is very simple. All I want is to go to the convenient store or gas station and buy a bottle of soda. But my parents won’t let me. Or not necessarily that they won’t let you, but that that shun you from doing so. Your neighbors hate seeing you outside. The gas station hates you for being there all the time. At the end of the day, something as simple as getting a can of soda just so you can satisfy your sweet tooth now becomes horrifically crushing on your self-esteem and you question your existence. Why? Why can’t I? It’s just a flipping can of soda? What the hell is wrong with people?

And thus, hopefully, you can read in between the lines for that metaphor. It spells out everything you need to know about social dynamics. People are fucked up. It’s not about not wanting to offend others is why they want to segregate you. It’s about getting their way. Even if that means costing the pain, suffering, mental anguish of those they claim to love.

So it takes a lot of courage to break through those invisible walls set up by your own people, your own communities, your own governments.

Most simple-minded people just want to conform and hope they get by and don’t get “caught” in the act of free will or free thinking. Those are usually the same type of people who will keep the negativity up and rising. Those are the same people that will stop you from getting your soda.

All I want to do is draw a picture every now and then. Or make a YouTube video. Or write a short story, some poetry. It doesn’t hurt anyone.

And to end this rant…

What the FUCK is wrong with some people?

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