My Idea of Good Camping Trip

I want to keep things small. Who actually wants to fight nature? Nobody got time to fight off grizzly bears and wolves! So this is my idea of a good camping trip. The essence behind camping is to remove yourself from man-made surroundings and return to the unpredictable environment which our ancestors had to endure. It gives us not only insight but respect for our ancestors. And sometimes it’s just to escape the monotony of “civilized” society.

So I’d get a big tent, because I’m a big guy, and an electric lamp because I don’t want to deal with fire or fuel. And it might sound ironic, but I’d hope it would rain sometime so I get a sense of the elements. I wouldn’t be into holding hands and kombaya and smores and shit. For me, it’s a trip to Walmart for a basket of fried chicken and cold soda in ice chest. And maybe a smart phone with some tunes of video streaming. That’s pretty much it. Just lounging.

I can vlog, stay up late and watch the stars, or listen to the wildlife.

And then when I’m done, I’ll just insta-collapse the tent and go back inside the house. No stress zone.

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