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Apr 10, 2019
Scientists finally photograph a black hole

Photo of Black Hole

Photo of Black Hole

It’s weird and a too simplistic. It looks like a solar eclipse. Maybe that’s how a black hole is supposed to look like, the inverse of the sun, the inverse of the giver of light.

Jul 20, 2018
How To Read Attacker’s Face In Fight

Here are some sketches I’ve done to show you the faces of attackers might have during a life or death confrontation. I’m not an expert, but it might help some.

Read Faces of Attacker in Fight

Read Faces of Attacker in Fight



1. The attacker is just puffing up his chest, showboating. If the attacker is armed, he might even fire some “warning” shots to show how tough and bad-ass he is. He wants you to think he means business. In actuality, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. An attacker with the intent to kill would kill someone without hesitation without any of this macho theatre. Of course, I’m not an expert. Don’t go putting yourself in front of a bullet’s path.

2. The attacker is enraged, possibly preparing for actual fight or flight mode. A lot of fear at this stage. May even be the expression during the actual attack or fight.

3. The attacker has been defeated or realize he is mortally wounded. There may be shame in his expression.

If you manage to stop an attacker and for sure know he’s got a defeated expression, no. 3 above, on his face, then you can confidently move along. But an attacker isn’t completely subdued until he’s gone blue and stopped breathing or bled out. Humans can survive much physical trauma actually. Use your best judgment. In most cases, you want to avoid any fight completely.

A. If the attacker is concealing their eyes, it’s probably because they are a trained killer, or understand that their eyes give away their emotions. You might notice soldiers who wear shades to conceal their intent so their enemies or targets can’t “read” them. But sometimes you can tell by their exposed face like the mouth, if the attacker is frowning or screaming. The point being, you want to avoid people who have a gun or knife on you but also has shades on. It might mean they are dangerous people because they’re in this fight or flight situation all the time and know about how to read people, the psychology of combat. Cops are dangerous like this too.

B. If an attacker has a cold, focused, zoned-out look, it means they are willing to kill or have killed before. You should never face off with people like this. There’s a world of difference between a gangster who looks like Face #1 above and Face B. Granted, you don’t want to interact with any attacker who has the drop on you, but the point is, if you can read the attacker correctly, then you can react correctly and possibly make it out safe and alive.


Most attackers are in Face #1 or #2 and are only bluffing. They’re out to scare you only, rob you, intimidate you, and don’t intend on shooting you or killing you. However, if the attacker physically “hurts” you with the intention of saying it’s a warning, it means they are actually working themselves up to killing you, so they are an immediate danger. For example, if an attacker shoots you in the leg or cuts you or pistol whips you and say they don’t intend on killing you, that’s a lie because they’ve just caused you physical harm. They’re testing you to see if you’re willing to let them kill you, see your reaction. But I’m not an expert. This is just my personal experience. You can never predict how an attacker reacts. But it doesn’t hurt to know how to read someone’s face during a fight. It’s about survival. I’m still alive.

Mar 29, 2018
The Real Shape of the Globe
The Real Shape Of The Globe

The Real Shape Of The Globe

The Real Shape of The Globe
By Chongchen Saelee

Most depictions of the globe is an oversimplification, a mapping projection made by cartographers so it is easier to read and navigate.

But the actual physical earth is not a perfect sphere. If anything was a perfect sphere, it would be the Earth’s atmoshphere. Everything else is irregular. So to map the physical land to a perfect sphere is inaccurate.

So if you were to fly a literal straight path from point-to-point, there would be no curve like how some animations depict it. You would actually travel faster and shorter distances.

Nov 19, 2014
CIA Deletes Emails or Is It Cheaper Than That?

So The National Archives grants the CIA permission to delete their emails. Apparently, the CIA is only deleting the emails of employees who aren’t that important or have left the job for more than 3 years. They’ll only keep the emails from the senior officers, the ones who make the big decisions. That’s not real intelligent, me thinks. It may be a cover-up, or it could just be that even the CIA run out of server space. That can be perceived in two ways: CIA may not be a bad-ass as people think, because now the curtain is pulled back revealing there is a limitation to their resources, OR, they’re covering shit up, since emails are so fucking small. You could fit the entire Library of Congress on a single hard-drive, why couldn’t you fit hundreds of thousands of years worth of emails and communications into a single server? CIA’s full of shit?

Oct 12, 2014
Edward Snowden Statue Secret Exposed!!!
Edward Snowden Statue Secret Exposed!!!

Edward Snowden Statue Secret Exposed!!!

There ain’t no hearts in the eyes of this Michaelangelo’s David!!! Beware!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. No feathers up the butt of this one, wouldn’t want to animate it. Goatse!!!

Sep 29, 2014
President Obama Says Intelligence Community Sucks Balls

Obviously. I don’t have to put up with the intelligence community’s harassment and bullshit either. Just because you work for a company with the word “intelligent” in it, doesn’t make you intelligent. And Obama criticizing how suck-ass you are gives you no excuse to assassinate him either.

As I’ve stated before, I’ll state it again, CIA/FBI/police etc ain’t nothing but a job. It’s real people. People with flaws: they’re corrupt, racist, stupid, ignorant, jealous, etc. And they’re suppose to make the big decisions for “us all”. SMDH.

Be of sound mind before you take the leap into the lavish world of national security. Not some loser coward who thinks a gun or killing kids will solve the world’s problems.