Dec 1, 2014
How To Draw Ethnic Faces

Nov 28, 2014
Official Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens Trailer Reaction


Nov 21, 2014
How To Make Your First $500 on Fiverr!!!

Nov 19, 2014
Nestle To Create Fat-Burning Drink For Lazy Fat F*cks

Fuck Nestle! I wouldn’t trust any beverages from Nestle. Supposedly, they’ll utilize an enzyme that will boost your metabolism and auto-magically burn your fat while you sit on your fat ass instead of getting active like normal mammals do. It’s a perfect monopoly of the food industry. Nestle literally owns all the candy industry. They get you fat. Then they get you thirsty. Then they make you drink that fat away. And they got you hooked on their shit.

It’s like they don’t foresee stupid people abusing it and drinking holes into their stomachs, dying of ulcers or cancers. And people WILL DO THAT.

I won’t EVER talk shit about Nestle’s delicious chocolates, but damn, don’t touch the beverages.

Nov 19, 2014
CIA Deletes Emails or Is It Cheaper Than That?

So The National Archives grants the CIA permission to delete their emails. Apparently, the CIA is only deleting the emails of employees who aren’t that important or have left the job for more than 3 years. They’ll only keep the emails from the senior officers, the ones who make the big decisions. That’s not real intelligent, me thinks. It may be a cover-up, or it could just be that even the CIA run out of server space. That can be perceived in two ways: CIA may not be a bad-ass as people think, because now the curtain is pulled back revealing there is a limitation to their resources, OR, they’re covering shit up, since emails are so fucking small. You could fit the entire Library of Congress on a single hard-drive, why couldn’t you fit hundreds of thousands of years worth of emails and communications into a single server? CIA’s full of shit?

Nov 8, 2014
OMG!!! Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens Logo Hidden Secrets!!!

Nov 2, 2014
Stupid Grocery Shopping Mistakes When On A Tight Budget
My Stupid Shopping Errors For This Week

My Stupid Shopping Errors For This Week

I could have saved a lot of money if I hadn’t impulse bought a bunch of junk food. I intended to eat for a week, but mostly I set out to get new bed covers and light bulbs, the important stuff. It’s a good week gone by and I have 3 cans of tuna, 1 can of chicken breast, 1 Digiorno’s pizza. Everything else is consumed by either me or entire family of 5. I’m not the main breadwinner, but this is always a good exercise for when I’m going to be on my own.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have bought those damn expensive Naked Juices, which were almost $8 a bottle (64 fl oz).

However, I did notice the packaged salad lasted me the entire week. That’s a hell of a deal. Since when I feed myself, I usually don’t get any greens. It’s usually just carbs and sweets, which is a really dumb move. But, man, that box of salad lasted a whole week. You just have to remember to eat it every day. And I’m sure were I living by myself, I’d have to get those greens into my system. It’s a perfect portion.

Another no-brainer good deal is the Ice Mountain water. Just buy a lot of that. You’re always going to need it. I prefer Ice Mountain or Walmart’s generic brand Great Value over Dasani or Nestle (which are scammy, you can read about it in my other blog post).

Otherwise, let my mistakes be your lesson. Grocery shopping is almost a lost artform.

Nov 2, 2014
Jackpot Bloom Now Available At and!!!


Jackpot Bloom Amazon Listing

Jackpot Bloom Amazon Listing

Well, it turns out you have to manually add the image thumbnail to the Amazon listing page.’s Global Reach program only submits the text data and some other very basic info to the Amazon databases. So you have to sign up for an Author Central account and edit the listing there, including uploading a thumbnail of the book cover. Ironically, doesn’t let you “fix” their book cover thumbnail, but particularly with Jackpot Bloom where the colors are all off. At least automatically got it correct. So now that makes and displaying the correct cover colors. Noice.


Jackpot Bloom listed at

Jackpot Bloom listed at

Jackpot Bloom listed at

Jackpot Bloom listed at

Awwww yeah, shit just got real, y’all.

So you can now officially order Jackpot Bloom from the following online bookstores:

Don’t be spooked out by the Amazon order page, that’s just the approval process. Since Jackpot Bloom is actually printed by via print-on-demand, there is no actual inventory. They’ll print your copy when you order it.

Nov 2, 2014 Rolling Out AdSense Ads for Jackpot Bloom, But With A Twist Strange Suggestions Strange Suggestions

What the hell,!!

Jackpot Bloom is paired with a man in speedo? It’s a kid’s book. I haven’t been looking at any gay porn. And that dude in the speedo doesn’t look like a graphic novel either. Wouldn’t Jackpot Bloom be paired with other graphic novels? SMDH,

Oct 30, 2014
Real Ghost Caught on HD Camera!!!

O. M. G. It scary.