Jul 29, 2014

Late Bloomer Flower Portrait

Late Bloomer by Eastfist

Late Bloomer by Eastfist

I don’t invest a lot of time practicing how to use my Nikon D3200, but when I do, I make the most of it.

Jul 29, 2014

My Official Review of the Official Trailer for 50 Shades of Grey

Jul 27, 2014

America’s First Asian Superhero The Green Turtle is Public Domain


Check out the entire run of Chu F. Hing’s The Green Turtle in Blazing Comics, hosted at Digital Comic Museum under public domain. Yup, that means you can start creating your own adventures with this character much like Dracula and Sherlock Holmes (in America anyways) without having to worry about infringing on copyrights.

Hey, that gives me an idea. I will indeed take it an run a mile with it. Cyborg Green Turtle, here it comes!

Jul 27, 2014

Asian Superhero Green Turtle Redesigned By Saelee

New Green Turtle by Saelee

New Green Turtle by Saelee

Jul 26, 2014

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer Concept Art

Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer Concept Art

Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer Concept Art

Jul 26, 2014

Official Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Costume Motion Poster

Jul 26, 2014

Need For Asian Superheroes


By Chongchen Saelee

This article by Jeff Yang kinda gets it half-way. We don’t need Asian Superheroes for EVERYONE, just for those who consume superhero culture.

It turns out, America did have a superhero called The Green Turtle back in 1940s, but because of anti-Chinese stuff in the day, was never allowed to reveal his identity.

Unfortunately, it just seems like they’re digging through the dumpster to validate themselves here. The Green Turtle might as well be played by Dana Carvey in yellowface. It’s such an old characterization. No modern Asian American can relate to it. As a piece of history, maybe it’s worth noting, but it definitely isn’t relevant anymore.

My own Asian superhero, Agent S, which debut in my alma mater student newspaper UW-Green Bay The Fourth Estate, is set in the present. I combined all the popular American superheroes to date into the archetype. And I also infused it with highly political charged imagery to leave the door open for interpretation and growth. And I’d also set my character in the real world, where Superman, Batman, and James Bond are indeed fictional, and wannabes are lunging off rooftops thinking those characters are real. That’s how I would do my hero justice.

In summary, only those who feel they need Asian superheroes should get them. And if no one gives them that validation, do what I did, come up with your own. That’s the only way they can truly be bulletproof.

Jul 26, 2014

RealStyle Casting Looking For Asian Men Ages 25 and older

Here’s the recent update I got from Michigan-based casting agency Real Style:

We are looking for extras that are Asian men, ages 25+, 5’8″ and taller for filming in the upcoming week.

They would need to be available for filing on July 28, 29, and July 30 for our current project. Extras are paid $8 an hour and overtime after 8 hours, guaranteed 8 hours, with a catered meal.

Must be a US citizen or legally able to work in the US.

Filming days can last up to 14 hours. report times can be very very early in the morning.

If you know someone who meets this description, please direct them to our website
Look for talent sign up on the top of the home page. There is no fee to be considered for our current project.

Once registered, email us at
wb@realstyleonline.com, subject: Asian Male

Feel free to share this with friends and family.

Please include name and cell in the body of the email.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

So if you’re an aspiring or established Asian male actor, they looking for you. Whether or not it’s in Batman V Superman (codenamed Sage and Milo), that I don’t know.

Jul 26, 2014

Official Reveal of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman + Invisible Jet

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

This is the official reveal of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman via San Diego Comic Con 2014. Zack Snyder confirmed the leak via his Instagram and Twitter accounts. So have at you, fan boys. Even my loins are stirring. She’s looking good.

Jul 23, 2014

US Vice President Joe Biden on How American Grew and Can Continue to Grow


By Chongchen Saelee

Usually, I don’t post about this shit because History is boring to me. BUT, because I was going to make a point, I need to post the reference materials.

In summary, Uncle Joe rambles about how America succeeded and became united because it built roads and networks which strengthened its infrastructure. This included the man-made canals used to transport goods downstream, the train and railroad system, then the Interstate highways systems. Things progress because we make it easier to pass goods between ourselves.

So, to my point, we better start investing in those Lego islands that Google/CIA were plotting to popularize then.

I had this idea I was going to put into my Agent S epic story, if I ever get to writing it down, where we built this HUGE artificial highway/key islands that stretch from the West Coast of the United States all the way to China. So for those who have a lot of time to spare, they can literally travel that road, the road less traveled versus airplane.

And of course, people can rent some of those Lego lots, and that’s where you can raise crops and other important resources. You can have vendors along THE GREAT ROAD and gasoline and shit. Because people will have to drive for however many months or years, I don’t know the exact time, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.

The only thing I foresee is that pirates and other terrorists might try to takeover some of those floating Lego island properties, but our civilization would have evolved enough to handle that. There would be Coast Guard or some new organization to deal with that.

So, yeah, if you order something from China, it comes to the USA by boat. And that takes like 2 months!!! Of course, if your parcel was by plane, it’ll be a little faster.

BUT, if there were goods on a floating Lego like island between China and the USA, guess what, your goods would take half the time to get to you. How’s that for logic?

Would you eat cattle raised on a floating Lego island? Leave your comments and questions.