Dec 5, 2012
Sexy Asian Man Eats Snacks

Just like Bruh-man, cheelin, makin self sammich.

Nov 30, 2012
Finding Your Purpose in Life

It’s a topic all over the Internet, but here’s my take. more »

Nov 24, 2012
Life of Pi Movie Review

Jungle Book + Avatar + Titanic + something classy = Life of Pi. My take on this film directed by Ang Lee. more »

Nov 18, 2012
Skyfall James Bond 007 Review

This one’s shaken and stirred. more »

Nov 17, 2012
Testing Nikkor f1.8G 50mm Prime Lens with Nikon D3200 DSLR

Video test of Nikkor f1.8G 50mm Prime Lens with Nikon D3200 DSLR

The downstairs bathroom has better lighting, wouldn’t you know it? That means one should shoot in a white room where all the light bounces all over and makes you look like you’re selling Dove or something.

Nov 15, 2012
How to do American style humor

I’ll explain how to do black and white American style humor. more »

Nov 13, 2012
Google Image Search Larger Than Size Option Missing

Google seems to have removed a very useful search option from their search engine. Previously, users were able to search images by size, particularly those “larger than” a certain megapixel size. I found a workaround:

Add the following query to the end of your Google Image Search’s very long url


And you can replace the 10mp with the following size steps: 2mp, 4mp, 6mp, 8mp, 10mp, 15mp, 20mp, 40mp, 70mp.

I hope Google returns these feature as it was quite useful.

Nov 6, 2012
US President Barack Obama is re-elected 2012

When you pass the ball to Jordan, you win. That is all.

Nov 3, 2012
Why Cloud Atlas film is racist

Hypocrisy and the forked-tongue of American propaganda. more »

Nov 3, 2012
Clumsy ninja vs. dumb deer