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Jun 16, 2013

Edward Snowden and The Machine State

I jump on the wannabe-smart bandwagon and discuss the controversy with ex-NSA Edward Snowden. (more…)

Jun 9, 2013

Edward Snowden – NSA Whistleblower and How The World Works

Splashed all over the mass media (or in some venues only), is a story about a 29-year-old guy who has supposedly leaked some documents from the NSA. Here are my thoughts about it. (more…)

Dec 9, 2012

Hugo Chavez looks like the Buddha…

Chavez and friends! (more…)

Sep 6, 2012

Real Inception Based on Christopher Nolan’s Film

I show you how we do. (more…)

Apr 12, 2012

Why Warner Bros. Should or Shouldn’t Hand Me Batman Franchise

I’d take it to some dark places and show America it’s true self. (more…)