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May 21, 2014
Asian Long Hair + Jazz Hands in Slow-Motion

Dec 6, 2012
Every Celebrity Needs A Strange Quirk

Whether a celebrity is a black dude with blonde hair, gangster rapper that eats cookies and drinks tea, action hero that collects tea cups, every celebrity needs a strange quirk to make them more special than they actually are. (more…)

Feb 13, 2012
Eastfist Presidential Campaign Theme Song

This is how my train will be steam-powered. (more…)

Sep 10, 2011
How to write humor as young Asian Americans for the majority American audience

Assuming you’re a young Asian American who isn’t into Tommy Hilfiger or Family Guy, I give you my tips on how to “keep it real”. (more…)

Sep 4, 2011
Agent Blue: Power Suit

The design for the main villain continues… (more…)