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Apr 27, 2014

US President Obama Talks About Prejudice at Malaysia Convention

Whoa. Finally, Barry fully embraces the purpose of why he was elected Presidente of Americano. Even I won’t lie. Barry was elected because he is BLACK. I elected him because he is BLACK. In the big picture, in America anyway, this is such a HUGE POLITICAL act of faith by the voting American population (a sad 33% or less). So that means that the other 63% of Americans are living it up, or couldn’t care less, or that they are so disenfranchised that they had no clue they have a say in how their country is run.

America doesn’t fail by some mysterious force. It’s because people are selfish, greedy, racist, prejudice, corrupt. There is no CIVIL WAR, RACE WAR coming. It’ll only happen because people WANT it to happen. And when I hear grown, fully-functional adults talking like that, it makes me wonder how the wheels keep spinning, and how every day goes by and things still operate like clockwork, yet doubt weighs so heavily on their minds and what they say.

Eventually, do those words break them physically? Then how strong are you after all?

Jun 5, 2013

Superman and The MoleMen (1951) Review

Wow! What happened to writing like this? Heart of Superman, lost in time. (more…)