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Jul 8, 2014
The Life and Times of Eastfist

365+ selfies from Instagram for the year of 2014 + a twist

Jun 26, 2014
My Sexiest Selfies Yet
One of my better selfies

One of my better selfies

I was digging through my old photos and retouched it with some more understanding of levels. You really have to create that wide range of shades, otherwise it will look flat, as it did out of the camera. Even though I set up the lights intending it to look a certain way.

Jun 21, 2014
Eastfist on Yahoo! News

Where was this when I needed the views?

Jun 4, 2014
Custom Eastfist-Style Drawings for Only $5!!!

An example of my style of drawing

An example of my style of drawing

If you’d like me to do a custom drawing for you, limited to only one panel, and you have $5 to spare, hit me up at Fiverr at the link above! I look forward to working with you!

Jun 3, 2014
Bitcoin Lottery: Turn USD$100 into USD$1000!!!

By Chongchen Saelee

Surely, for some, the Bitcoin trade is very real. Those who had invested early on and sold their Bitcoins before the price plummeted after it maxed out at value of approx. $1000 per Bitcoin. The problem why Bitcoin isn’t catching on is because it’s still dollar-based. Because if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, right? Cash became debit and credit cards almost seamlessly, but it was still dollar-based. Bitcoin is technically the same as debit and credit, but it instead tries to decide its own value via a math algorithm, which is sketchy and hard to predict and even know who controls it. At least a US Dollar is a dollar. As long as the price of a stick of gum doesn’t increase beyond that, you can assuredly use your dollar in a vending machine.

But it’s kinda interesting. I want to see how this Bitcoin thing turns out. And this is where you can help me out. You can donate some Bitcoins my way at My goal is to reach one entire Bitcoin. Thanks for your consideration.

Apr 17, 2014
Dr. Jinseng Kwak Reporting For Duty
Dr. Jinseng Kwak, Ph.P

Dr. Jinseng Kwak, Ph.P

Dr. Jinseng Kwak, Ph.P

Dr. Jinseng Kwak, Ph.P

Apr 9, 2014
What Would You Do For $100?!!!

If you’re in Green Bay, Wisconsin, what would you do for USD$100?!!!

I won’t gip you like those losers on YouTube, but it is still a video for YouTube. If you’re in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and you’d like a chance to win $100 cash, send me a link to an audition video about what you would do for $100. If the idea compels me enough, I’ll bring my camera and I’ll film you making a fool of yourself and I’ll pay you $100!!!* It’s that simple!!! What are you waiting for, send me your submissions today!

*You’d sign a release form and give me certain rights to your likeness and other technical stuff. But you still get paid $100!

Apr 6, 2014
Only USD$20 for Top Ad Space for 3 months!!!

If you’re interested displaying your ad on, a growing entertainment blog amongst other fun stuff, then here’s your chance! I’m offering my top ad space to all advertisers for ONLY USD$20 for three whole months! That’s only about $7 a month!!! What a steal!!! If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to send me an email at with “Advertising” somewhere in the subject line and we’ll get the ball rolling. I look forward to doing business with you!!!

Feb 28, 2014
JCVD vs. Eastfist: Big Bad Bully

The official submission for the Funny or Die contest.

Feb 28, 2014
Jean Claude Van Damme vs Eastfist!!!