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Sep 9, 2014
Ray Rice Super Punch Women Out Game!!!

Sep 4, 2014
I Hate Thunderstorms!!! A Poem

I hate thunderstorms
By Chongchen Saelee

I hate thunderstorms
a prelude to the snow
For neither are guaranteed safe
But a snowstorm doesn’t come with thunder
or lightning for that matter
The chaotic crashing sounds reminds me
of uncertainty, nature, the unknown

That there is no God.
We are surrounded by randomness.
Things we cannot control
Or should want to control.
Because it would make us weak and cowardly

We’ve braved through the storms before
And we survived it. All of them.
And there is light at the end.
And nothing to fear.
And we march on again.
And we continue with our mundane lives.

We task ourselves with goals not supreme.
To keep ourselves occupied from the truth
That eventually the storm will return
And all that security, hopes, and joy fade again
only to remind us how human we are
that we cannot control the storm

We are afraid of storms.

Apr 11, 2012
The Illusion of High Self Esteem vs Narcissism

Unless you’re chiseled out of marble and have had your body sensuously mass-odged by Micolangy into something worthy of worship, you’re just another upright walking neanderthal like me. But I do think I look a lot like Enrique Iglesias. I caaan beeee yo heero, bey bey! (more…)