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Sep 29, 2014
Flash Photography For Selfies


As I learn, flash photography makes you look more masculine because the light is so hot. It creates very deep and sharp shadows. I had to pull them out with Photoshop, but that’s how it’s done. It emphasizes a man’s jawline. LOL. However, it’s hard to keep your eyes open with the flash and look natural. Oh well, Halloween’s coming up. Here’s my Svengali look. LOL.

Apr 29, 2013
Needed Equipment for Photo Project (Sponsored Post)



By Vanessa Bennet

Sometimes I feel like just getting away, like going on an unending vacation. It’s a way of escaping from life’s trivialities, of getting more out of our limited time, and not being locked down in some dead end job that I hate and don’t want to spend any more seconds at.

I hate getting bogged down with these thoughts, mostly because I know I really can’t do that and I have to come up with a different solution to escape life’s doldrums. Well, one thought I had was just to take pictures of myself in front of (more…)