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Nov 2, 2014
Stupid Grocery Shopping Mistakes When On A Tight Budget
My Stupid Shopping Errors For This Week

My Stupid Shopping Errors For This Week

I could have saved a lot of money if I hadn’t impulse bought a bunch of junk food. I intended to eat for a week, but mostly I set out to get new bed covers and light bulbs, the important stuff. It’s a good week gone by and I have 3 cans of tuna, 1 can of chicken breast, 1 Digiorno’s pizza. Everything else is consumed by either me or entire family of 5. I’m not the main breadwinner, but this is always a good exercise for when I’m going to be on my own.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have bought those damn expensive Naked Juices, which were almost $8 a bottle (64 fl oz).

However, I did notice the packaged salad lasted me the entire week. That’s a hell of a deal. Since when I feed myself, I usually don’t get any greens. It’s usually just carbs and sweets, which is a really dumb move. But, man, that box of salad lasted a whole week. You just have to remember to eat it every day. And I’m sure were I living by myself, I’d have to get those greens into my system. It’s a perfect portion.

Another no-brainer good deal is the Ice Mountain water. Just buy a lot of that. You’re always going to need it. I prefer Ice Mountain or Walmart’s generic brand Great Value over Dasani or Nestle (which are scammy, you can read about it in my other blog post).

Otherwise, let my mistakes be your lesson. Grocery shopping is almost a lost artform.

May 4, 2014
All-Knowing Eastfist: Skilled Programmers Will Be Highly Valued

By Chongchen Saelee

Much like the appeal of doctors, programmers tend to have a similar reputation because the skill required to do the job is rare to attain. And the exceptionally skilled, ones who actually come up with intuitive and innovative things is even more rare. For the most part, the average programmer doesn’t think outside the box. They aren’t creative. They are just another cog in the machine. And that’s why when problems arise and the problem-solving falls back onto them, the solutions usually aren’t that good. (more…)