Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong Alexandra Wallace UCLA rant

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s overdue, but like normal people with normal concerns, I’ve been busy working. There are some cronies that would love to know what my thoughts are on Alexandra Wallace’s publicity stunt, so here is my editorial.

First off, doing a Google search for “Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong” yields multiple entries at Angryasianman’s blog. Dude’s given it plenty of publicity that wouldn’t otherwise be known (or swept under the media rug of political correctness). Wallace’s video first appeared on YouTube and my assumption is that a bunch of her UCLA classmates caught wind of it since it’s popularly understood that YouTube has become a haven for Asian viewers and content providers.

Wallace’s video consists of her complaining about cellphone usage in the UCLA library. She then ignorantly attributes rude cellphone usage to Asians speaking Chinglish. She continues to rip on how the UCLA Asian students aren’t responsible, independent individuals and rely on their families for food and laundry, etc.

Unfortunately, Wallace seemed to have gotten the knee-jerk reaction she wanted from the Asian-American community. Later, it turned out that she was actually pursuing a career in media (and not political science, whodduh thunk?) I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some Asian connections or Asian talent agent behind her. Because, coincidentally, another YouTuber Rebecca Black was getting a round of attention for her “Friday” music video around the same time of the controversy. What people don’t realize is every time they watch these videos to hate on the content, the content producers are making a profit. That’s exactly what the producers want. And despite Black’s apparent lack of talent, I’m sure she got signed to a record label and is getting paid. Just like William Hung, whose probably been able to pay for his college education by now. What about Tay Zonday? These celebrities are engineered just for you.

So the next time you find yourself thinking you’re better than these “losers”, you’ve just put a pretty nickel into their pockets to laugh at them. And if you hate on them enough thousands and thousands of times a day, I’d say you’re the loser and they’re laughing at you all the way to the bank.

Whenever Asians get exploited in mass media, it’s usually because an Asian someone “up there” in the business let it happen. Or it’s someone who surrounds and uses Asians. Their called sycophants.

So what can we learn from Wallace’s rant? Nothing. Nothing worth knowing is that obvious. Just get a good look at her cleavage in the video and move along. Nothing more to see there.

UPDATE April 14, 2011

According to Rebecca Black’s haters have earned her over $20,000 in YouTube Partner revenue. Her mother invested only $2,000 to get her video made. She’s also cashing in on parodies. Yikes. That’s like a company making piss water and people drink it to say how bad it tastes, so they tell their neighbors and friends to drink it too, only to detest it.

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