The Future of Personal Computers (Smart Phones)

If Johnny Mnemonic only had 15GB of space in his head, imagine how much you can have!

Every one’s got a cell phone or smart phone nowadays (except me) and this is how I envision it being:

The Future of Personal Computers (smart phones)

The Future of Personal Computers (smart phones)

You could have some kind of adapter that you could wear like glasses that displays the output only so you can see it. The computer itself can show the output on itself or you can put it in an adapter, just like a photo slide, and project it for an audience. It acts as a transceiver and is completely wireless. You won’t have to worry about dropping it because it is incredibly flexible. However, since it’s made of future plastic, it is still susceptible to melting. I actually think it’s possible these things can resemble those transparencies teachers used to write on with erasable markers. And in the future, people can tack these on their walls as TVs or control panels for ovens, etc.

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