When Minecraft’s Gimmick Runs Out

Shoot, Minecraft’s got its own Lego set now. But will it last?

I know Mojang is very clever with their marketing. They seem to really understand that gaming is about interactivity and listening to the consumer. However, it seems to run on it’s share of gimmicks. Once those kids got bored, they started building goatze towers with dropping turds and shooting guns. That’s how you know it’s lost its steam. Now their rolling out their Lego tie-in. I already predict their final cash grab is going to be Minecraft HD, which would be relatively easy to subdivide all the cube faces and make everything look a little more fancy. And I’m sure they’ll charge for that as well. It’s a given they’ll hire some hot looking spokeswoman to do their peddling too.

These kinds of case study games are cool. Just like Second Life was thought to be revolutionary. But look how that turned out.

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