Thoughts on Evoluton 2012

Professor X can really sell evolution if he’s played by Patrick Stewart. But here’s my take.

Evolution is an accident

Evolution is an accident

There are some theories out there that dinosaurs eventually became birds. But I want to contest this. I think everything evolved from fish or something more primitive.

If the earth was once a clumped mass of water and random living organisms evolved within it, then as the elements compounded into the center of the earth, the organisms were left in layers like sedimentary rocks. For example, as the water drained, trees sprouting from the earth and through the top of the water level would likely have creatures living in them. Those that lived on the top of the trees would eventually become birds as they would need to travel from branch to branch.

Then when the water level lowers again, those living on the land would become walkers. Those that continue to live in the body of water would continue to be fish or underwater organisms.

Whales would then be justified as ancient organisms because their size is a clue to how long they have survived underwater.

Dinosaurs died off either by accident or because of drought. The loss of water must have created an earthquake or the sun dried them to death. Or the first major ice caps melted and flooded them to death. Who knows?

Point I’m trying to make without taking too long writing a scientific paper: everything evolved into what it is and not the other way around. You cannot devolve. You only evolve or stay the same or die off.

Whatever the original organism was evolved into fish, then birds, then lizards, then dinosaurs, then apes, then humans. Dinosaurs cannot devolve into birds.

Evolution is an accident. There is NO INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Scientists only say there was a “big bang” because they really don’t know how we came into existence. They also don’t know how to explain why we humans are sentient, self-aware organisms. I think this is what makes evolution such a profound philosophy. Much of it cannot be proven, but a lot of it makes absolute sense just by observing the randomness of nature.

So man first fought nature, then man fought man, then man fought technology. Now man has conquered nature with technology. It’s just a matter of whether man will destroy itself, reinforcing the chaos of the unknown, or preserve sentient life, or create new life. As humans, we were given a choice. Or are we just made to believe we actually have a choice when all things living ultimately die anyway?

What do you want to do as a human being while you still are sentient and able? If humans want to fly so bad, why haven’t they sprouted feathers and wings rather than relying on the technology they built? What if we truly are alone on this planet? What are the odds that another organism has evolved almost exactly into something that vaguely resembles human beings? Would they communicate the same way? Could they ever communicate with us?

Evolution is totally random. Maybe this is where I have to disagree with Darwin on selective adaptation. At any given moment, even the dominant organisms can be wiped out by some random-ass thing. The earth could just blow up because it gets hit by a meteor after World War III and the victors are bragging. Doesn’t mean the victors made their own decisions to fight to live.

So what’s the significance of evolution. First off, evolution is a man-conceived philosophy. It hasn’t been proven. Second, one should be grateful to be sentient. To wander aimlessly on this planet to only eat, sleep, and procreate would be a trifling existence. Evolution gives us an idea of (or excuse) why we exist. Otherwise, we’d all revert to animals and tear each other apart.

Once you stop asking why, then you cease to exist. That’s when your molecules return to randomness. So in all its irony, it’s a miracle we evolved into what we are, and we know it.

There is no God. We exist by mere accident. Our fates are totally within our means to control it, and that’s not saying much. So to be human is really something special. Maybe there should be a guidebook on how to be human, or at the least, to make the most of it.

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