The Blue Man: An Agent S Short Story

No one knew who the blue man was, but his eyes were as dead as they were sharp, a pair of blue stars floating in the high grass.

By Chongchen Saelee

PSY-OPs were deployed into our village in the pitch black dark of night to stir up some hysteria among us. The village wasn’t very educated and still believed in mystical forces of nature and supernatural entities. The Psyops took advantage of this and bombarded the villages with engineered spook sounds and visuals. We’d go fishing in the pond near sundown and a giant serpent would break the surface and disappear just as fast. We took off running. At night, we’d see eyes glowing in the trees and thick canopy. There was never any howling, but those eyes seem to float from branch to branch. And sometimes, coming from the distant foliage, there would emit sounds that seemed like it could be beastly, yet, it could speak our language. It was a beastly demon that could call our names. It would beckon us to a certain spot, and we walked closer and closer, but when we got there, it wasn’t. And it would call from another mile away. But those are just a few of the encounters we had. Nothing was as frightening as the blue man.

I never actually encountered the blue man myself. But my father told me stories. When he was a boy, he and his friends would go catch dragonflies in the open fields. They’d play late into the dark. They weren’t afraid of beasts. They carried handmade daggers and slingshots. Well, one night, something emerged from the woods. In the distance, they could see the branches falling from the trees, smaller saplings get snapped like twigs, and birds exploding as a dark silhouette against the blue night sky. Against the scurrying critters, a huge black mechanical beast trudged slowly towards them. The boys had never seen anything like it before, so they started screaming and took off running.

But the dark beast emanated a blue glow from his eyes, two piercing lights stalking them. And a few quick blasts of blue muzzle flare and my father’s friends stopped screaming in their spots. He told me that he ran until morning and when he finally collapsed from exhaustion, he looked back and none of his friends had made it. When he returned back to his village, everyone was killed, riddled with bullets. The village was burned to the ground. He never told me what happened after that. He says the blue man came and he lost everything.

So now I’m having this recurring nightmare. I’m dreaming about the blue man. In it, I see myself running in my father’s place. I keep running and never looking back. But eventually, I must have slipped, but I trip and fall, and the blue man slowly creeps up over me… and then I wake up. I’m afraid to tell my father.

2055 – The Sovereign States of America

The CIA has been disbanded for the past 30 years. Something happened. And the entire world’s economy collapsed. We had to rebuild everything. We pieced enough evidence together to point the finger at the CIA. They were storing classified data on crystals on the moon. The world’s economy may have collapsed, but space travel wasn’t going anywhere. Those greedy space miners were going to find their fortune tearing up the moon if they could. But this was only a handful of civilians wealthy enough to organize these expensive expeditions. Some agents from the secret rebuilding coalition, we affectionately just call it The New Agency, sneaked on board one of these flights and managed to locate the hidden crystal servers and extract the files before the miners blew the moon in two.

This created a huge part in the Pacific Ocean due to the two moon halves’ gravitational pull. Pretty soon, America and China signed a treaty to build a huge and long highway connecting the two continents. This was called The Great Road.

The New Agency built a new floating city as a cover in orbit to house this data. Of course, protecting and maintaining this base was harder than we thought. The space station was constantly being attacked by terrorists, or space pirates, who were also living in orbit. Our only deduction was that they were living on the station itself. We organized a highly trained group of soldiers to find these terrorists. They were lead by an elite soldier called a blue man.

The blue man managed to confront and corner these terrorists, but the terrorists blew the side of station and jettisoned back to Earth. He was ordered to go down to Earth and capture the leader of the terrorists, dead or alive.

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