Time-traveling on the Shoulders of Whales

I present to you an idea about evolution and time-travel.

Ever since author H.G. Wells introduced the concept of “time-travel” in his novel “The Time Machine”, people have become fascinated with the idea of altering their own personal lives or that of others, their motivations either noble or outright selfish.

Does it have more to do with righting a wrong, or is it an excuse to deal with some kind of guilt? Surely, a popular time-travel mission of some is to “go back in time an assassinate Hitler” because the idea behind it is that the Jews wouldn’t suffer, and thus, everyone wouldn’t feel guilty for the poor Jews. The problem is that this is only an American mentality. All over the world, peoples of all sorts of different cultures are getting killed and tortured the same, if not worse, ways by evil people. And they don’t get the same kind of sympathy. So how could anyone use a time machine to go back and stop all those heinous things from happening? You can’t.

But on the other side of the coin, some people would use time travel for their own selfish purposes. Let’s say some Joe wants to go back in time to become Hitler. The reasoning would be to bask in the glory and reap from the benefits of his reign. He knows that it comes to and end, but with a time machine, he can repeat the process as many times as he wants. The time traveler is only limited by his own mortality. And I don’t want to introduce another gimmick into the discussion which is “immortality”.

So what could be the true possible meaning behind time-travel? There’s a recurring theme of regret and second chances. And much like H.G. Wells’ story plays out, it’s just that. People want a real “time machine” to exist so that they can redo things in their personal lives. But in reality, there is no such thing. There is only moving forward. And much like the unnamed time traveler in the story, he eventually learns to move forward from his personal tragedy. It is a story of great symbolism and metaphor.

There is no such thing as time-travel. Life is a journey you have full reigns of. You must make that journey yourself. Your life is finite, and any decision you make can only apply to now.

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