Security Concern About Dell Mini USB PC Ophelia

Dell just shipped the beta versions of their portable USB PC Ophelia to exclusive developers. But I’m a little weary.

By Chongchen Saelee

So my understanding of how this works: the USB stick is pretty much a TV/Video card, but bundled with that is a mini PC hub. All your actual computer processes will be done on cloud computers. What your personal Ophelia will be doing is sending commands to the cloud, much like if you were on a chat room on the Internet, but what you get back is a streaming live video of the cloud computer’s output. In essence, you’re doing what hackers do, remote control, but for yourself now.

So any complex processing is reliant on your cloud’s hardware. And output resolution synchronization is reliant on your bandwidth.

In theory, this sounds kinda cool. But that’s a lot of data being sent to that cloud. And that cloud has too many computers with the same info. And all it takes is mistakenly compromising sensitive data on that cloud and it’ll be replicated over and over. Hard to stop, even if there might be a so-called “emergency erase algorithm”.

Fears aside, I still really like the size. Even though you still need a keyboard, mouse, and HDMI capable monitor.

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

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