Why Google Glass Won’t Become Fashionable

Why Google Glass Won’t Become Fashionable
By Chongchen Saelee

As much as I like the novelty of Google Glass, I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to become fashionable.


Consumers are driven by innate human instinct. Even with the proliferation of smart portable devices, consumers for the most part still respect each other’s privacy. They aren’t hacking into every other person’s computers or iPhones or whatever. Only those that truly have ill-intent are doing this.

So, having all this technology that can intrude on the common person’s privacy is the big issue, especially when it can be done so easily with this new technology.

The Google geeks that came up with this technology seem to be lost in the Star Trek nostalgia and not grounded in reality. They are money-minded. What possible practical use does it have when you are already a social bee, attending a party with your closest friends, to all be wearing Google Glasses? You’re already in each other’s company. That device takes away any sense of exclusivity and is a metaphorical wall between any interactions. But that’s not how Google wants to market it. They want it to be quite the opposite. They want all the hipsters sporting a Google Glass while drinking their champagne and ballroom dancing or whatever. That’s not going to happen.

That’s like all the hip and cool people attending an “awesome” hipster party only to stand around texting each other with their iPhones. Sure, their going to take pictures of each other, but they’re still talking and engaging each other. The assumption is, they would be social beings even without their smart phones or whatever new gimmicky toy.

So if Google Glass doesn’t appeal to the rich (which is who I think Google thinks is going to buy them), then who?

Look at what Pivothead is doing. They are appealing to sports nuts: racers, skiiers, extreme sports athletes. That’s exciting. That makes more sense. Anything else captured with these POV devices is going to seem mundane.

Ultimately, it’s not real practical. People wear glasses because they can’t see. People wouldn’t wear Google Glass just because they wanted to film themselves taking a piss. And assuming it was socially acceptable, it would get old and boring after a month of filming yourself taking a piss, wouldn’t it?

I bet Google Glass will make a product placement appearance in Star Trek 3.

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