CIA and NSA’s got a problem: It thinks it’s Robert DeNiro and being cute for spying on people

CIA’s got a problem: It thinks it’s Robert DeNiro and being cute for spying on people
By Chongchen Saelee

Filmmaker James Cameron can make light of domestic spying abuse with his spy-thriller “True Lies”, which was actually a remake of a French film (the French are the ones who practically created the war and spy culture), and Ben Stiller’s “Meet The Parents” has a similar sub-plot.

In “Meet The Parents”, Robert DeNiro plays Ben Stiller’s impending father-in-law. DeNiro’s character is somekind of military dude with all sorts of connections and flexes his entire muscle to spy and harass Stiller’s character out of resentment. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t show the severity and destruction this type of invasion of privacy and terrorism causes the victim. It is a romantic comedy after all, and Stiller still marries DeNiro’s daughter and they make up. There’s even implications that Stiller learns DeNiro’s tricks of the trade. The message then says that it’s all okay to do this.

And unfortunately, that’s what American culture has become. Every new generation now born into this complete cage-like society will have no clue what true freedom means. They will be “perfect soldiers”, much like The Boys From Brazil, completely indoctrinated to think that having every orifice prodded and filmed is okay by the government (yes, don’t think that’s not possible in this day and age. They can watch you taking a shit through your walls.)

I can only deduce that this kind of complete destruction of freedom coming from the most conservative of patriarchal thinking. If not, then it comes from the most liberal of matriarchal thinking: one who continues to pass the buck after making her way up the ladder and wants to stay there by doing what Daddy did. And all the children continue to suffer.

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