How to Spot a Transsexual 101

By Chongchen Saelee

NOTE: A transsexual is a person who completely physically changed from one gender to the other. A transvestite is a cross-dresser whose natural gender is intact. When I use the term “tranny” here, for this purpose, I only refer to transsexuals.

Okay, young ladies and gentleman. It might shock you that once you’ve blossomed into a sexually mature adult that you’re going to have to go out there and find a mate and procreate (if you so choose). And depending on what you’re into sexually, you might need to know how to find the proper mate (or sex parner might be more appropriate term) for yourself. Of course, my only experience is that of a straight born-male (or what the trannies call “cis”). But seeing as how I troll Craigslist a lot, I’ve encountered a many kinds of people, who too are looking for love or quick-love, but they are human nonetheless. So I won’t be too rude or crude. Here are my tips about how to spot transsexuals on the Internet:

  • With modern medicine and science, some gender reassigned people can look very convincing as the opposite sex. Most of the physical cues you’re looking for is embedded in modern mass media and pop culture. So unless you’re really keen to people dynamics, you’re going to have a hard time detecting transsexual or transgender peoples. Women do have large hands and Adam’s apples. Men do have long eyelashes or high pitched girly voices. It’s nature. Therefore, your most obvious clue would be if that person cannot get pregnant (male to female) or cannot impregnate (female to male). And how would you ever know that if you don’t have sex with them? Well, read on…
  • If you’re a human being, and I hope you are, it can never hurt to ask. If you truly are interested in that person, I’m sure they would be understanding enough to reveal their gender reassignment to you. I’m not talking about those quick tricks that trannies pull, good enough to dupe Eddie Murphy, I’m talking about those relationships that actually do happen in this world and if you want it to be meaningful then it has to be out on the table.
  • If you’re not sexually attracted to that ambiguous man or woman, then common courtesy would tell you to leave that person alone. They are people just like you. However, if you’re still curious, here are some physical cues that may tip you off:
    • Some transsexuals commemorate their transformation with tattoos. So if you’re macking at the clubs and you spot those hot girls with their tramp stamps or whatever, depending on what the tattoos are, she may very well be a transsexual. Now, I’m not going to give you the exact specific tattoos, but let’s say they are very symbolic.
    • From certain angles, there’s no denying that the person is a man or woman. Or with certain lighting. However, don’t let this be a fullproof detection. Some people ARE JUST UGLY or look more or less like the opposite sex. It may not mean they are trannies.
    • Thinking objectively about how gender reassignment works, if a man’s body is transformed into a woman, then what needs to happen? Firstly, they’d want to implant fake breasts. Up until now, there have been silicone implants and you would be able to tell because the woman’s breasts look fake along with incision scars. Again, with modern medicine and science, now the surgeons can graft fat tissue into the breast, and wouldn’t you know it, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

      Next, the actual penis, testicles, and scrotum has to be replaced with prosthetic female sex organs or modified to look like it. If you’ve never seen a live woman’s vagina before, you may be SOL on your first sexual encounter. (Hey, that’s how you learn. I won’t blame you). A male to female’s genitals almost always doesn’t look natural. That may be your most obvious clue. You can look at a lot of female pornstars, some are infact transsexuals (I’m not telling) but some just had shit ton of labiaplasty. Either way, you can tell her vulva has been under the knife. If you know what this looks like, then you might be able to spot an artificial vagina/vulva.

      The skin from the shaft of the penis and scrotum may be used to reconstruct that artificial vulva. A real vagina/vulva would look like it formed in one piece and may be smooth and there is a natural fold pattern to it. An artificial vulva may look too symmetrical or the folds look manufactured, or tucked-in and stapled, or otherwise unnatural. But as a male, you can take a good look at your own scrotum and see all those ridges and folds, looking almost like a walnut. If a woman’s vagina lips resemble scrotum, then it’s a possibility you’re looking at one. An artificial vagina/vulva may be lacking a clitoris. Surgeons can obviously attach a fake one or reconstruct one. Lastly, a woman’s vagina can self lubricate. An artificial vagina will not be able to. If you want to spot a female-to-male, then the new penis might look too mechanical or the skin of the shaft is too smooth or looks like plastic or rubber. Because there is no muscle there for the blood to fill up like a real erection. A lot of this is you having a basic understanding of human anatomy.

    • Balding trannies can’t fight the genes their father gave them. Granted, woman can go bald, too, but there isn’t much a tranny can do about male pattern baldness when their age is ripe. Oh, that may also be another clue: wigs.
    • The age old judge by the hands cue. Testosterone don’t lie. It’s not fullproof detection, as women do work in factories and other physically strenuous activities and become muscular, but men look totally different muscular than woman do. And that’s either from the high presence of testosterone or estrogen.
    • The jaw line – Granted, homeboy can get all sorts of jaw line chiseling or rhinoplasty, but by then they’ll definitely look like they’ve had heavy plastic work done. Again, because of testosterone, a male to female won’t be able to help not having a masculine jaw.
    • Fake girly voice, the typical gay male twang; Dude’s got a strong larynx, which he just can help, along with his masculine muscular diaphragm. His voice is deep and he can’t help it. And the tranny might get his Adam’s apple filed down, but that is only a topical change. The functionality might still be there.
    • Overt gender role, almost stereotypical behavior. The males that become females, from my observation, do so to bathe in the pop culture idea of what femininity is: shopping, breast implants, bikinis, modeling, sexy-sexy, that kind of stuff. It’s a topical thing. But then again, what defines being a real woman? Maybe it is as simple as being able to bare children. Gender roles are just that. I’d feel cheated because I wouldn’t be able to procreate my own children if I met a transsexual male-to-female person.
  • I think that’s all I can think about for now. Feel free to comment with your own observations. Most importantly, and I’ll reiterate it, if you are a practical human being, it really doesn’t hurt to ask. Just don’t be rude or obnoxious about it. You don’t have to embarrass them. Trannies are people too.

I really hope that helps you out, my readers. No matter what type of people you’re looking for out there in the world, and there are MANY MANY KINDS, you just have to be brave enough to go after them. If they happen to reciprocate your love, well by all means, I wish you the best. Love, don’t hate. Good luck out there!

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