All-Knowing Eastfist: Skin Batteries For Robots

By Chongchen Saelee

I want to start a new gag called “All-Knowing Eastfist” where I predict the future or come up with a new idea for future technologies. In this edition, I propose a technology called “skin batteries”. Much like solar cells and existing batteries, skin batteries would store the energy in a container.

But it being batteries for robots, the skin batteries would resemble more closely, yup, you guessed it, actual skin or flesh. They would be pouches containing tightly rolled sheets of somekind of new battery material. Right now, we know only of lithium or alkaline or nickel-metal-hydride or whatever technology we take for granted.

These “skin batteries” could even be recharged like refilling air in your car tires. They would look almost like Capri-Sun pouches, but bigger, flatter and stretchier. Of course, you would drape them over the robot’s metal skeleton and plug it up to whatever needs to drain the electricity.

I also have this idea where if the skin gets damaged, the electricity could still be harvested because it has nano fibers that can draw the current. So you could shoot a hole through the skin battery, but the electric loss wouldn’t be much.

And like any battery, the power is finite. But at least the robot will be mobile. No dangly, heavy robot umbilical cord.

Heck, maybe even humans can strap on a skin battery vest.

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