All-Knowing Eastfist: Skilled Programmers Will Be Highly Valued

By Chongchen Saelee

Much like the appeal of doctors, programmers tend to have a similar reputation because the skill required to do the job is rare to attain. And the exceptionally skilled, ones who actually come up with intuitive and innovative things is even more rare. For the most part, the average programmer doesn’t think outside the box. They aren’t creative. They are just another cog in the machine. And that’s why when problems arise and the problem-solving falls back onto them, the solutions usually aren’t that good.

So, I predict, that even though there is an abundance of talented programmers across the world, that it is still a relatively small circle. And Barry tried his damndest to make it appealing to a new generation of kids, but they just don’t care. And I don’t think that it’s necessarily that it’s hard, it’s because the newer generation can take it for granted. They have benefited too much from the advent of the technology, much like if you were the spoiled kids of a successful tobacco plantation.

Every now and then, computer manufacturers try to recruit a new generation of bright programmers in youth. For example, I have to say now that the Raspberry Pi campaign is an utter failure. It seems the older programmers were more interested in the kitsch factor than any child would. And that’s why it failed.

Programming takes a special kind of person, one who is curious about how things work, and is even more interested in making things work. They have to be a self-motivated problem-solver. If you’re kid just wants to play games all day, or use the Internet, or sit on their bed and twirl their hair talking on the phone, and that’s most kids, then odds are they aren’t going to be a good problem-solver.

And things will become so automated, maybe programs will fix programs in the future. Who knows? Then the human programmers will really be valued when the machines need to be remedied for killing people.

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