ABC’s “Fresh Off The Boat” TV Show Coming in 2015

By Chongchen Saelee

For those keeping up with ABC’s new TV lineup, you might notice a lot of new minority-based TV shows. One of them is “Fresh Off The Boat” or “Far East Orlando” which is based on the memoir of American celebrity chef Eddie Huang. The main setup is about how an immigrant family struggles to assimilate with American culture. The term “fresh off the boat”, of course, is a derogatory term used against Asians who immigrate to the United States and have difficulty fitting in. It’s the equivalent of “fish out of water”. It’s about alienation.

Here’s the preview for the TV show:

What I like about it:
-All Asian primary cast
-They have the balls to keep the title Fresh Off The Boat, shows it may have some edge

What I hate about it:
-Broken Chinglish by perfect English-speaking Asian American actors
-Not “Asian” enough, as they would have to have been in real life

What I predict will happen:
I have this strange feeling the tone and presentation of the show might become a hit with white people. It’s almost like ABC’s current sitcom “Modern Family”. And if it doesn’t become an iconic cornerstone of American propaganda, then at the least it got made. Let’s just hope it actually airs first.

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