How To Calculate Custom Offer Fee Using Fiverr

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By Chongchen Saelee

Fiverr’s basic gigs charge at least $5. Their standard cut is 20%. So for every $5 basic gig you sell, they take 20% of $5, so you only get $4. That’s good and all when it’s already set up for you, but what about bigger projects that you have to use Fiverr’s Custom Offer Tool to set? Well, in order not to sell yourself short and get paid correctly, this is how you do it:

Let y = grand total
Let p = base price (this is amount you get)

y - 0.2y = p

For example, if I wanted to collect $250 base fee:

p = $250
y - 0.2y = $250
0.8y = $250
y = 250 / 0.8
y = $312.50

So you would charge the buyer $312.50 grand total. That way,
after Fiverr takes 20% out of $312.50, you will get
correct amount of $250.

Or to simplify:

y = p * 1.25

For example:

y = $250 * 1.25
y = $312.50

I hope that helps you Fiverr sellers out there. I make this mistake all the time. I try to look up a Fiverr Custom Gig calculator out there, but no one seems to have implemented it.

You can check out my how to calculate PayPal fees article too.

And for your convenience, I’ve implemented simple online calculator for you. You’re welcome.

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