What it’s like to be poor? A Soliloquy

Empty Wallet

Empty Wallet

What it’s like to be poor?
By Chongchen Saelee

What it’s like to be poor?
You’re always frowning
Your neck’s always itching like a dog
Your clothes don’t fit

You got The Beach Boys Greatest Hits on your mind
But you don’t have a smartphone to listen to any of them
Your last dollar was spent on something foolish
Like a lottery ticket instead of a cheeseburger

You’re sleeping on the floor
And your face is a globe for flies
And you don’t have the energy to clap along
To the hum of the insects wings buzzing by your ear

You work, but it’s never enough
You look too dark or you talk too white
You have a college degree but you’re over-qualified
You weren’t born into the right family

Your parents are dead
You got no friends
Your dog got ran over by a truck last month
Your ex-wife ran off with a gigolo
The rats stole your last canned tuna

And there is piss on the newspaper

What’s it like to be poor?
It’s always dreaming of being rich
Then all my problems will go away

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