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Jul 5, 2013
Free Desktop Wallpaper Background Featuring Blonde Model Lea!

I figure, I have to provide some freebies and extras to my devoted visitors. Here’s a free desktop wallpaper to show you my appreciation for visiting. (more…)

Jul 6, 2011
How to save Windows XP desktop icon layout

I know it can be a pain to rearrange your Windows desktop icons rather it be after playing a game or for some reason or another your screen resolution changes. Well, after scouring the Interwebs for a solution, I found this: (more…)

Sep 11, 2010
My favorite Google Chrome themes

To date, I’ve witnessed the speed of Google Chrome and it surpasses the other two titans, Firefox and IE, just enough. However, I still won’t be as comfortable using Chrome for security issue like I would with IE, but once Google gets Chrome as secure, then I might convert. Google’s got a bunch of gimmicks, one being themes for the browser. Here are some of my favorites:

Google Chrome Theme - "Super Monkey Ball"

Google Chrome Theme - Super Monkey Ball