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Aug 24, 2014
China To Create Own Operating System

By Chongchen Saelee

Yeah, right. I know the Chinese Government doesn’t like people taking shit about them, but like ANY operating system is an indication of what the social structure of the origin nation it’s from (because software has to be based on real social dynamics), then Chinese software is going to be crap. I’m just being honest.

Sure, it’ll work. But it’ll also be big and fancy on launch. But a lot of the components is going to be stolen or plagarized. The code will be shoddy and sloppy written. Customer service will suck. And expect a lot of backdoors and snooping.

Granted, the software out of Microsoft, the core code anyway, is solid, but everything else comes from India, China, Brazil, Sweden, etc, you name it. But it’s that core code and the handshake protocols with hardware is what gives most Microsoft users a peace of mind, even if NSA, FBI, and CIA exploit these machines to spy on consumers. There has to be a sense of REAL security that these feds aren’t going to break the system or do something incredibly nefarious.

Imagine those corrupt Chinese with access would really create some havoc for personal gain. They sell imposter meats for Christ’s sake.

Pretty much, I wouldn’t trust a Chinese operating system.

May 21, 2014
Michael Jackson Hologram Technology and Its Implications

By Chongchen Saelee

I wonder if you’re getting spooked by how advanced this technology is. What possible good can come of this? I already know that it’s dead in the water when it comes to “live performances”. No one wants to go watch a big screen. They want REAL PERFORMERS doing real music. Otherwise, they can go watch a movie.

The technology is so advanced, if my understanding is correct, that they video feed can be broadcast in real-time with a body double and have the face tracked onto the moving double with no problem. That’s scary stuff.

It makes me wonder which countries our governments are going to use this to dupe. Who are they planning on assassinating? Who are they planning on ressurrecting and impersonating?