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Jul 18, 2014
Top Ten YouTubers According to SocialBlade To Beat
Top Ten YouTubers by SocialBlade

Top Ten YouTubers by SocialBlade

By Chongchen Saelee

As of this post, PewDiePie is the top YouTuber in the world. He posts more than one video per day, and each video gets about 4 million views on average. According to the Internet, he brings YouTube about $60 million in ad revenue. But his actual cut isn’t well-known. Some estimate he is a billionaire by now.

But I don’t really care for PewDiePie, although I’ve checked out some of his videos and don’t get his appeal. He seems like he’s on mad ADHD. So how he could gain that many viewers and subscribers really makes me question his success.

He’d have to be some kind of heir to Swedish money or something. They just make it look like he’s earning it commercially.

Anyway, I know that SocialBlade is the official statistics bean counter for YouTube. They don’t have to lie that they are doing people a service “for free”. Much like any business network, it takes a lot of companies put together to make an ecosystem work. YouTube’s stats bean-counting, then, is done by SocialBlade. So SocialBlade is technically YouTube. They are one in the same.

Why can I say this? Because you’d need somekind of handshake to access all the user’s stats like that. And you need somekind of heavy coordination because there are millions of YouTube accounts to be tabulated. Thus, I think SocialBlade is pretty much the official bean counter for YouTube, aka is YouTube.

Anyhoo, the point of this post was to set a goal for myself on who I must beat in the YouTube game. So now I must find a gimmick to beat PewDiePie. It’s got to be like that scene in Will Smith’s “Pursuit of Happyness” where instead of fighting other competitors just above you, you go all the way to the top and do battle. Because no matter what, you’ll fall all the way back to the bottom anyway.

So, I suppose, I need to don the Asian PewDiePie mask now? Here comes Asian PewDiePie!!!

Jun 9, 2014
Omegle is Frightening Online Community

By Chongchen Saelee

I just spent the last hour trolling Omegle, my god, it’s kinda exciting to see that the Internet is indeed live and well, however, it’s full of creepers.

Withing the first 10 seconds of signing in, I get an eye full frontal of a hairy-chested, fully nude but cropped off at the neck white dude jerking his dick off. SMDH.

And what follows is nothing but a bunch of shirtless white dudes reclining on beds or what they think they look like sexy Ambercrombie and Fitch cover models or something. Most of them are jerking their dicks out of frame. And some of these cats look like YouTube’s PewDiePie. (more…)