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Jul 27, 2014
America’s First Asian Superhero The Green Turtle is Public Domain

Check out the entire run of Chu F. Hing’s The Green Turtle in Blazing Comics, hosted at Digital Comic Museum under public domain. Yup, that means you can start creating your own adventures with this character much like Dracula and Sherlock Holmes (in America anyways) without having to worry about infringing on copyrights.

Hey, that gives me an idea. I will indeed take it an run a mile with it. Cyborg Green Turtle, here it comes!

Sep 6, 2012
Real Inception Based on Christopher Nolan’s Film

I show you how we do. (more…)

Jun 27, 2012
Basic Rules To Using Third Party Content in Your Own YouTube Videos

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ll play one on YouTube just to fuck with you. (more…)